Novak Djokovic gives an update about the shoulder injury

Novak Djokovic gives an update about his left shoulder injury He faces during the 2nd round match

The Serbian defeated Londero in straight sets with 6-4 7-6 6-1 and took a place in the 3rd round.

Djokovic faced an issue in his left shoulder which forced him to ask for massages

many times during his match against Londero.

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For that, Novak Djokovic gives an update about the shoulder injury

and He mentioned that the pain affected his serve and backhand but He doesn’t want

to talk a lot about the injury as He told the reporters of ESPN

“It was definitely affecting my serve and backhand but look I don’t want to talk about it too much.

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Novak praised his opponent and congratulated him for playing a great match,

it was straight sets win but Novak knows how difficult the match was with the long rallies.

“Obviously I want to congratulate Londero for showing a great fighting spirit and playing some great tennis tonight.”

The world number 1 considered this match as the first match test in the US Open,

especially playing with the pain in the left shoulder He believes He looked for some lucky points.

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“I had some luck, as I said in the second set to come back and move on,” Novak said

The last words came from Novak Djokovic is that He’ll rest his arm for 48 hours

and will not do anything and He’ll see what happens later.

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