Murray and Kyrgios slam Novak Djokovic’s coronavirus issue

Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios commented on Novak Djokovic Coronavirus pandemic

The World number received all the blame after the spread of Covid-19 in the Adria tour,
The Tennis Fans, Tennis players, ATP Chairman all blamed Djokovic for organizing the event.

Andy Murray involved in the debate and mentioned that He expected Djokovic would be affected by the virus.

“Well, first I hope he and his wife are well and that they recover. And everyone who is affected,”

“But in hindsight, it was obviously something that shouldn’t have gone ahead.

“I don’t think it was a surprise really after seeing some of the videos at the players’ party and the kid’s day.

Murray and Kyrgios slam Novak Djokovic’s coronavirus issue Embed from Getty Images

“There was no social distancing in place. We are trying the best that we can here too.”

“Some people said it could put the US Open in doubt. And it may well do.”

“I don’t think it has been a great look for tennis.

“The only positive is that until it is safe to do so, we have no fans at the event to reduce the risk as much as possible,” Murray said.

Nick Kyrgios slammed Novak Djokovic for making The Adria Tour event.

After the news published, Nick Kyrgios was the first to react on his Twitter account.

“Prayers up to all the players that have contracted COVID – 19,”

“Don’t @ me for anything I’ve done that has been ‘irresponsible’ or classified as ‘stupidity’ this takes the cake.”

After the players were dancing in a club without social distancing Kyrgios said:

“How dumb can they all be honest.”

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Murray and Kyrgios slam Novak Djokovic’s coronavirus issue Embed from Getty Images

Also, Tennis players blame Novak Djokovic for Coronavirus spread

After the players announced they are positive for Coronavirus, Kyrgios wished the players a speed recovery.

“Boneheaded decision to go ahead with the ‘exhibition’ speedy recovery fellas,”

“but that’s what happens when you disregard all protocols. This IS NOT A JOKE,” Kyrgio said.