Kyrgios attacks Nadal “if Rafa did it, I retire from tennis.”

Nick Kyrgios attacks Rafael Nadal after telling the umpire “If Rafa did it, I retire from Tennis”

After the penalties Nick Kyrgios got during his match against Medvedev in Cincinnati,

Kyrgios called the umpire as “a tool” when He forced him to give Nick a violation code

so, Breaking the racket in the resting room, and a late between the points and more.

As a result, Kyrgios got a penalty of 93,000 £ to pay it to the ATP for bad behaviors.

The Subject did not end there, Nick Kyrgios had a long issue with Rafael Nadal

since the Acapulco and they’re exchanging the words because of what happened

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Kyrgios attacks Nadal “if Rafa did it, I retire from tennis.” Embed from Getty Images

This time Kyrgios attacked Nadal during the match because of the late time

and this is how He expressed his problem for taking a violation code for being late,

“So you’re telling me that Rafa plays that quick?”

“Every service point, that quick?

“Every time? That’s hilarious, bro.

“That’s hilarious. Rafa’s playing that quick?

“I missed the ball, the guy starts the clock.

“Bro, if Rafa plays that quick, I’m retiring from tennis,” Kyrgios added

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Is the problem finished? Sure not, Kyrgios is a player who doesn’t let anything go easily

Therefore, Nick posted a video on Instagram comparing himself to Nadal where

the video shows that He took a penalty for 28 seconds and Nadal took 40 seconds

against Medvedev in Montreal and did not penalize.

Kyrgios attacks Nadal “if Rafa did it, I retire from tennis.”
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Facts or nah

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Kyrgios might be right in the Video, but Rafael Nadal has no relation to him in his match

but the rules are always in the chair umpire hands and no one can do something for it.

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