Ivan Ljubicic proud and expects more from Federer

Ivan Ljubicic reveals how proud He’s with Roger Federer current level on the tour.

The former world number 3 Ivan Ljubicic who retired Tennis on April 2012 after a good career.

The Croatian linked with Roger Federer at the beginning of 2016 and it’s been 4 years

working together to help The Swiss player for better results in his career.

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Ivan reveals how proud He’s with Federer current level as He mentioned in an interview,

He said that He’s proud with how Federer is playing now in the age of 37 and has

expectations that Roger will do many great things in the future for sure.

“I am very proud of his current level, especially considering he is 37-years-old. I’m sure he will be able to do even more great things.”

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Ljubicic also showed his role with the Swiss which is to make Roger aware of what He could do

and improve his mindset to keep the high level in every game in his matches.

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Talking about Wimbledon Final, Ivan believes that it’s not the best match ever,

but Australian Open Final 2017 is the best because both players were coming

from injuries and played a high 5 sets of Tennis.

“Many people described it as the best match ever[Wimbledon Final], For me,

no match will have the same emotions as the 2017 Aus Open final between Roger and Nadal.

“It was an incredible match, they both came back from some injuries and nobody thought they could reach a Slam final.

Ivan Ljubicic proud and expects more from Federer Embed from Getty Images

Roger Federer will play Cincinnati for the first preparation before the US Open.

and one of his 2 coaches will be with him and not confirmed if Luthi or Ivan.