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Federer and Nadal set to play in South Africa

Federer and Nadal set to play in South Africa
Federer and Nadal set to play in South Africa
Breaking! Federer and Nadal set to play in South Africa for the RFoundation.

Roger Federer foundation made a huge change in many poor countries in Africa,

It built uncountable numbers of schools and refuges, The financial support of the foundation

comes in first place from Roger Federer personal money, and as additional help

He plays some match dedicated for the foundation and the matches were named

as Match for Africa + the number of the match played. the first match was in December

between Federer and Nadal in Zurich, and He had played 5 matches so far,

The last episode in 2018 had a special guest who’s Bill Gates himself was attached in this awesome event,

Federer and Nadal set to play in South Africa Embed from Getty Images
Federer is looking forward to playing the episode 6 in his mother’s country South Africa

and wants to have a special guest as well who’s his biggest rival and friend Rafael Nadal,

both players wanted to play it but Federer revealed that Nadal did not have time

to plan for the match because of his tournaments and injuries.

Roger said He needed two years to find a date with Rafa but they finaly foud it.

“It took me two years to find a date, but we have it, I was trying to be as little as possible annoying

to the guy as I could have been. But still, I had to force the issue at some stage. It was like, Rafa, please

“For me, anything is possible. For me, it’s a huge priority. It’s always one thing I wanted to do.

“I’ve always wanted to play in South Africa. I’ve hardly played tennis because I’ve barely been on vacation in South Africa.

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It was a dream for Federer to play in South Africa as it’s his mother country and to play Nadal.

“This Match in Africa is a dream come true, I will play in my mother’s home country against

my toughest rival and friend Rafa Nadal. We share not only the love for tennis but also

for the good cause of giving children a better start in education and in life.”

Finally, It’s happening Roger Federer and Federer Nadal will set to play a match in South Africa.

The match will take place on Feb 07, 2020 at The Cape Town Stadium, which hosted matches during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, has a capacity of 55,000.