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Andy Murray “I feel okay, not perfect,”

The former world number 1 thinks that pain to be part of gains he makes in his comeback from hip surgery.

and here is what Andy Murray said in the press conference

“(I feel) okay, not perfect, But that was also the case yesterday as well. I’m not expecting to feel great all of the time.

“But okay, better than how I was feeling a few months ago when I was competing or playing back-to-back days.”

“The plan was to play here and Melbourne,I think that would still be the case. So we’ll head to Melbourne in a few days and spend the week preparing.”

“As you play up the levels… if you’re not serving as well or not moving as well, the better players exploit that,

He is a top player and he is able to do that so I need to try to find a way of working out how to get around some of the things I struggle with now. And I’ll try to do that.”


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